Episode 15 – The Fear of Beginning

In Episode 15 of Freedom Up Close, Dani and Josh discuss the fear of beginning. Have you ever wanted to start a project but end up overthinking it and never beginning at all? Are you a perfectionist? Maybe an overachiever? Well, so are we. Come join us for a chat about all of that! We also share some of the inside scoop on beginning Freedom Up Close.

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A Brief Intermission

Hello to our lovely listeners! We have decided to take a brief break from the podcast for several reasons. There is so much going on in the world and in each of our lives individually. A much needed break will allow us time to work on new episodes for you guys and catch up on our other projects. Please feel free to contact us via email at talkwithus@freedomupclose.com with your comments and suggestions or email us to join our Discord server.

Freedom Up Close Will Return on November 12!!

Please join us again on November 12 in all the usual places. In the meantime, you can catch up on any previous episodes you might have missed. We look forward to recording some holiday episodes as well as more of our usual content!

Your Freedom Up Close hosts
Josh and Dani

Episode 1 – What is Albinism

In the very first episode of Freedom Up Close, Josh and Dani discuss what albinism is, how it affects each of us, and our experiences with the albinism community over the years. If you have stories to share about albinism, the community, or otherwise, leave us a voice message on our Anchor page or send us an email at:

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