Freedom Up Close


Freedom Up Close

A Podcast on Freedom

Freedom Up Close is the product of a long friendship. It is the combination of two ongoing projects: Nine to Freedom and Albinism Up Close. Both projects are related to albinism and visual impairment, but Freedom Up Close will be departing from content strictly related to those topics.

Freedom Up Close is an exploration of all things related to freedom. We will have thoughtful discussions on financial freedom, mental freedom, spiritual freedom, and freedom in so many other aspects of life.

Your Freedom Up Close Hosts


Josh wearing a straw fedora hat and glasses

Josh is from Brooklyn, NY, and is an IT professional by trade. He has over fifteen years experience in that field. He is a creative soul, a lover of music, and an aspiring photographer. His photography focuses on his travels, landscapes, and the occasional model.

He has oculocutaneous albinism and is a bioptic driver. He writes about his journey to becoming a bioptic driver and all the journeys since on his project Nine to Freedom

Nine to Freedom

Follow along with the Nine to Freedom journey from his Facebook page.


Check out his instagram for photography, inspiration, and updates about Nine to Freedom and everything else.


Danielle from a side view with her hair down to either side of her face

Dani is a writer and YouTube creator from Mississippi. She runs the Albinism Up Close project, which includes a website, YouTube channel, and various social media accounts (see links below if you’re interested).

She has oculocutaneous albinism and is legally blind, and her content focuses on her perspectives on those conditions and everyday life while living with them.

She has a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and enjoys discussing mental health topics to create awareness.

Albinism Up Close

Check out the Facebook page of AUC for new YouTube videos, blog posts, and life updates.

Dani Marie AUC

Follow Danielle or Dani Marie AUC on Instagram for blog and video updates as well as other life updates and thoughts.

Dani Marie AUC

Follow Dani Marie AUC on Twitter for her wit and random thoughts along the way.

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